Our mission is to help the planet every time a customer uses our paper. We are committed to strong teamwork, integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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The Road Ahead

EnvoPAP Open Research


We believe in empowering paper and packaging research for the planet and for you.

Consumers around the world are using paper and paper packaging products for daily needs that success has inspired us to widen the scope from paper made of chopped wood to introduction of EnvoPAP for Research.

For researchers, the first step to battling deforestation is understanding it. EnvoPAP Research is helping researchers achieve that goal. An open framework for developing products and packages makes it easier to enrol consumers, companies and organizations and conduct studies. With the right knowledge, you can play an active role in making EnvoPAP usage better. That’s why we created EnvoPAP Research, an open framework enabling consumers, companies and organizations to conduct studies and research for better product applications.

Our vision for this project is to research and develop innovative ways and applications to use EnvoPAP and to produce biodegradable and environment-friendly disposable food packaging. This will provide a commercially viable alternative to current plastic and wood-based products.

Taking research out of the lab and into the real world. We are just getting started.