Our mission is to help the planet every time a customer uses our paper. We are committed to strong teamwork, integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Request a presentation with us to learn more about how EnvoPAP can meet your business and sustainability goals!

What you’ll learn:

  • About us and how we can help your business become more sustainable to meet environmental and consumer demands
  • Our production process and how we make high-grade, recyclable and compostable paper using sugar-cane waste
  • How you can use our vast application and product range in developing sustainable solutions for your business

What we’ll learn:

  • What drivers are important for you to make your company more sustainable
  • How we can work together and help you meet your goals
  • Your requirements to provide you a curated solution

Booking details:

  • A presentation usually takes 25 minutes followed by a discussion to address any questions
  • We do presentations in English, Arabic, French and Hindi
  • We can do in-office presentations in London, and via a Google Hangouts/Skype Video call in any of our serviceable areas.

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