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Promote the planet!


Advertise using products made from envoPAP. Whether you require brochures, leaflets or fliers envoPAP can be your base material. For posters and catalogues using envoPAP is a sustainable solution with excellent results.
future for the planet!


Design and construct a better future by using envoPAP. Whether you need graph or drawing paper; plotter rolls or a base paper for construction plans. Ensure that your business is building a future for the planet and saving trees by using envoPAP
Towards the environment!

Electronics and Electricals

Keep the spark alive with envoPAP!  A versatile product envoPAP can be used across electronics and electrical industries. Various labels, information sheets, safety hazard sheets etc, can be made out of envoPAP. Here are a list of products that envoPAP can help you to contribute towards the environment.
Sustainable future!


The health-care sector is embracing a greener mind-set and for the very same purpose, envoPAP is a perfect one stop solution to create a green medical environment. EnvoPAP can be used for various purposes listed below to ensure the medical sector is doing its bit towards a sustainable future. Going greener in today’s times will help sustain tomorrow’s.
Sustainable packaging!


Don’t wear out resources. Use envoPAP for apparel items such as shirt liners, base labels and branding. Pack your clothing with envoPAP for a sustainable packaging solution.
Healthy sustainable environment!


Can ways of communication create a sustainable environment? envoPAP has a solution for every-one. There are various list of items made from envoPAP that can help businesses, educational centres and the society to communicate in an environmental friendly way. Us of envoPAP paper in your daily life can help to create a healthy sustainable environment for the future generation
Sustainable in nature!


Food Packaging is one of the highest consuming packaging industry. EnvoPAP can alter the way we pack food and make a 100% bio-degradable. It can make packaging environmental friendly and can reduce the plastic usage by a significant amount. Members within the food packaging industry who want to transform and innovate packaging solution that is sustainable in nature, envoPAP is the best solution for them. EnvoPAP can be used to pack various rang of products mentioned below:
Packaging material solution!


Why use plastic packaging, when you can use paper packaging that is made out of agricultural waste? EnvoPAP present you with wide range of packaging material solution that can be used to create a circular economy.Here are a few products made out of envoPAP that can help in creating a positive impact on our environment.
Sustainable solution in craft Industry!


You don’t need to compromise on decorative craft products to be sustainable. EnvoPAP brings a perfect solution which is both environmental friendly and beautiful paper to craft on. Craft has a crucial role to play in creating a sustainable environment. EnvoPAP material can benefit all the paper lovers by providing them with an environmental friendly solution to build various craft products such as scrapbooks, origami, box making, greeting cards etc. It is a combination of Green Crafts that will enable in protecting our environment and help in curating a sustainable solution in a paper-based industry.
 Party or event a go green!


Using envoPAP is always entertaining! It can be used to make all products that are used in the entertainment industry: menu cards, party hats, party bags, invitations and more. This not only is a substitute to plastic or wood based products, it also helps you curate sustainability due to its various attributes such as compostability, bio-degradable and environmental friendly. They can either be reused or disposal. We cater to all type of needs, making your party or event a go green!!
Environmental impact!


Driving for a better future with envoPAP. Whether it is printing car manuals for high sensitivity labels envoPAP can be used across the automotive industry to reduce environmental impact.
Curate a green environment!


EnvoPAP can transform the daily consumer packaging goods into an environment friendly packaging solution. Fast moving goods that are made using plastic or wood pulp can be replaced with a more sustainable alternative. Everyone is finding a solution to curate a green environment, here are products listed that can help you find your right packaging solution created from envoPAP.
The hospitality industry!


Hospitality industry can create positive impact on our environment by using our envoPAP product. The industry is accelerating at a fast-pace and the concern for an healthy environment are rising as well. There are various range of products made out of envoPAP to help reduce the environmental concerns within the hospitality industry.

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