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Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is our versatile paper that is available from 30-360gsm. The lower grammage paper is mainly used for food packaging due to its high tolerance for grease (often used for patisserie bags) whereas the higher GSMs are used in packaging grades. The paper can be of natural colour (brown) or bleached. Our kraft paper family includes products for a wide range of applications, and wherever you need high strength, protection and flexibility. It features high taint and odour neutrality and comes with a wet-strength option for high barrier protection against the effects of moisture and oxygen. This makes it a safe and a pure option even for direct food contact. Kraft paper is available plain or ribbed, and is delivered in reels or sheets


From coating, painting, laminating or gumming for residential or industrial applications to steel interleaving, customers around the world trust our quality papers.

Thanks to the paper’s excellent runability and printability, – they help carry strong brand messages. We recommend flexographic and offset printing methods.


Key Features

  • High quality wrapping and packaging material
  • Offers excellent strength, durability and tear resistance – ideal for wrapping items.
  • A low cost, all purpose packaging material for various industries
  • Wrap it, bag it or box it!


Certified by INTERTEK as:

  1. Biodegradable
  2. Compostable
  3. Recyclable
  4. Energy Saving