Our mission is to help the planet every time a customer uses our paper. We are committed to strong teamwork, integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Deforestation accounts for 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions world-wide, which exceeds the pollution created by the global transportation sector
EnvoPAP is an efficient solution for reducing deforestation; one pallet or 40 boxes of 30% recycled paper saves only seven trees, one pallet of envoPAP saves 24 trees.
Usually, waste sugarcane is burnt adding to CO2 emissions. Compared with FSC paper from virgin wood fibers, envoPAP offers 100% quality for about 50% of the environmental impact.
The reclamation of sugarcane stalks is an innovative way of obtaining something useful out of waste products.
Per 8 packets of A4 printing or copying paper, you save one tree on average. Per 2083 boxes you save one hectare of forest.

Why the impact calculator?

envoPAP want customers to understand the way that they are reducing deforestation every time they use envoPAP. The calculator makes this concrete. By putting in your paper use in reams you can see in a straightforward way how much difference you make every time you use our paper made from sugar cane fibre.