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Food Packaging

envoPAP / Food Packaging
Sustainable in nature!


Food Packaging is one of the highest consuming packaging industry. EnvoPAP can alter the way we pack food and make a 100% bio-degradable. It can make packaging environmental friendly and can reduce the plastic usage by a significant amount. Members within the food packaging industry who want to transform and innovate packaging solution that is sustainable in nature, envoPAP is the best solution for them. EnvoPAP can be used to pack various rang of products mentioned below:
Bread Warp
Future wrap your daily bread-use envoPAP
Cake Box
Box your happiness by using envoPAP, let the joy be spread across the future
Food Carrier bags
Carry now for a sustainable future, use envoPAP to reduce single use plastic.
Hot and Cold Wrap
Keep it hot keep it cold. Cut carbon by using envoPAP
Snack Packs
Snack now and save the planet, use envoPAP to saves trees
Sustainable material and biodegradable solution, use envoPAP to keep the future flowing..
Stir around by using envoPAP to reduce harmful impact on our environment.