Our mission is to help the planet every time a customer uses our paper. We are committed to strong teamwork, integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Case Studies

How we’ve revolutionised packaging:

We are currently co-developing with one of the world’s largest beauty brand to replace all their single-use plastics and wood-based paper with EnvoPAP materials. We are helping them achieve their sustainability targets by innovating and developing together to revolutionise beauty packaging so that 100% of their packaging has a positive environmental and social impact by 2020.
We are collaborating to innovate together and make sustainability beautiful whilst making beauty sustainable.


How we’ve revolutionised printing:

We are currently co-developing with one of the largest and oldest British banks to reduce their carbon footprint by switching all their current envelopes made from tree-paper to EnvoPAP materials. Replacing all the 60 million envelopes used by them in one single year for communication and marketing purposes, we are helping them save 50,000 trees per annum.

Each envelope has a quote at the back which states ‘I was a sugarcane plant before and now I am a recyclable envelope’ enabling customers to understand the impact being created. We are joining hands with them to make the planet greener.