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RE-imagine Paper-November 2018

What’s happening at Paper Plus Europe

Very happy to announce that our director Mr Kaushal Shah has won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the JITOPRENEURS Business Achievement Awards 2018.
JITO (Jain International Trade Organisation) is a worldwide body of Jain businessmen, industrialists and professionals promoting ethical business practices. Kaushal’s enthusiasm and passion for making sustainability the new normal was recognised and honoured at a global platform. A proud moment to cherish.

Product Launch

We are proud to announce an addition of two new products in our portfolio of the sustainable material solution. Sustainable Folding Box Board and Duplex Board, both are exceptional products, perfect to cater a sustainable future. Folding box boards (FBB) are suitable packing solution that could be used in various industries such as health, beauty, food etc. They are ideal for creating a positive impact on our environment along with catering to your packaging needs.Duplex Board, an incredible product essentially made from 100% recycled newsprint fibres. This product gives a second life to newsprint and helps in creating a circular economy. It can be used in various industries as a packaging solution

What We Learnt

– Machine learning and satellite imageries are helping the UK government to clean up the shores and protect our wildlife.
– 8 million pieces of plastic find their way to the ocean.
– A global population of 7 billion people produce over 320 million tons of plastic which are set to double by 2024.
– Since human civilisation, the number of wild animals has reduced by 80% and marine animals by 15% due to plastic waste.
– 70% of clothing has a plastic material and only 20% of it is being recycled.

 Events we Attended

PWC Social Entrepreneurs Club

A very delightful event hosted by PWC for social entrepreneurs who share a similar vision of creating a social impact. We also got to be a part of a panel discussion on what is the best way for social enterprises to effectively demonstrate their social impact. It was great to witness a wide spectrum of answers from our fellow social entrepreneurs.

The Plastic Revolution

Thank you Future Planet for organising such an empowering event on the fight against plastic. It is an alarming threat that needs to be tackled immediately. We got a chance to listen to Hege Sæbjørnsen, Sustainability Manager at IKEA, and her fantastic work on reducing unnecessary plastic through the business and community


An International Business and Networking Conference was one of the most exciting events of this month. We were very lucky as we got to witness and listen to the most finest Businessmen talk on their journey of overcoming their downfalls and rising to the top of the pyramid. Our Director Kaushal Shah was also awarded the youngest entrepreneur of the year by one of the business tycoons Mr Hinduja.

The Ultimate Business guide to Brexit

 Got a chance to listen to Andrew Law from Money Corp, Mark Abrams the director of Trade Finance Global and Gareth Wadley from Gateley plc on how Brexit might affect businesses within the UK and what strategies should be taken to tackle the effects of Brexit.

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